Dictionary Result: Dependable in Achievement, Accuracy, Honest, Etc.

The first thing that pops into my head when I hear the word reliable is a person.
Someone you can trust and depend on. Someone you can go to and know your going to get
positive results. My friend Briana was very reliable. I felt I was able to trust her in anything.
She helped me with my schoolwork, and she was a great friend.
There are people who aren't reliable. Muriel, I cannot depend on her like I used to.
I feel any promise she makes she'll break it. I haven't talked to her in a while.
Trust is a huge issue even though it REALLY shouldn't be.
I feel I can't leave anything in her hands.
Being reliable gains you well rounded friends.
Friends are something you'll need for the future to help you through things.
Especially friends that are reliable for you are good.
If you're reliable and people trust you good things will surely come your way.

`Biggest Source Of Conflict~ HH#?

Well the biggest conflict is my life as it is right now.
I want it to change, but I don't want it to change?
Maybe its my imagination.
I've learned imagining is the source of many things.
Even if it's something great that can create many things for others to inspire.
Imagining is horrible. But it's human nature to imagine.
I'm getting off topic.
I can honestly say that my life isn't bad, But im not satisfied?

Well most conflicts i've had in the past didn't really resolve in action.
It just resolved over time.
Arguements and problems just fade away.
But maybe i say the most important thing to solving a conflict,
is thinking rationally. and considering how the OTHER person feels.
try seeing things i their point of view.
then you should find a solution that works for the both of you.

HH#9 `Inquisitive~

`What does it mean to be Inquisitive?

Web Definition: given to inquiry, research, or asking questions; eager for knowledge; intellectually curious

My way of putting it: Asking questions is one of the very few ways you'll learn things right off the bat.
My fifth grade teacher always told me "People who know a lot ask a lot of questions." he said, "Scientists ask questions." Asking questions is one of the best thing you can do. He taught me this. I think this s another reason why we have Knows and Need To Knows. If we don't understand something it's always good to ask questions.

`Halloween Plans~

My Halloween plans are to just go with whomever wants me to go trick or treating with.
I know very well i am too old but most of my friends just want the candy.

I encourage my friends to have a safe and fun  Halloween.
Just go where ever and look both ways when you cross a road.
Oh and i know its hard but check the candy before you eat it :P

Demonstrate Perseverance


The reason why it's important to struggle through adversity.
Even if something you beieve in is different from someone else.
Or if you feel you dont blend in its okay.
Never give and always stick to what you feel.
If you like something that someone else doesnt like you shouldnt care.
being yourself is something that makes each and every one of us different.
people always wish to change but did you know?
the way i see it we are alays based on what we DONT change,
our flaws are what make us who we are.
In the end flaws arent really flaws at all.
its just the thing that sets us apart from each other.
so we should all love what makes us different and appreciate our flaws.
I may have gotten off subject somewhere along the way.


Web Definition:
having the power of producing; generative; creative: a productive effort.
It's not the most important things I've done  but it is the most productive, 
time consuming thing I've done and  I enjoyed doing it, I'm pretty sure I am still doing this to today.
Any free time I have I watch anime. I know have a HUGE list of all the ones 
I've watched and ones I'm  still watching and yet need to watch.
I keep everything tracked in  that list.
It keeps me busy and I learn many things from watching so many.
Anime is my own escape to reality.
It teaches me lessons in life and the stories animated are priceless. 
That is the most productive thing I've done in my life.
I was and am so dedicated to it.

HH#7 `Time Management~ (Following your made plans)

It says "Setting personal goals wisely, you get a sense of achievement, sustain motivation, and reduce stress."
I should and probably will incorporate this into my own life.
It is great advice, and if it works that would be better.
I always had a problem setting academic goals and never finishing them.
This might be a new start.

A time management tip of mine?
I dont really have one since I continue to be late for things and is always off schedule.
But one that I would use is: Dont be too early, and Dont be too late.
(this is my own thinking)
When youre really early for something when you ususally dont like being really early,
You tend to be late the next time.
Since you didnt enjoy being early the last time you wake up later or something and you tend to take your time more. (like i said this might only apply to me, but still)
Now when your too late, some people might be frustrated and come early the next time.
But some might get used to being late.
And maybe come late again, just not So late.

It's not a good time management tip but it's a decent one.

All my plans usually arent academic.
They're based off of things I just want in the future.
So one of my plans are to live in japan for at least 4-7years when I get older.
Or another is, To work as a baker at some point in my life.
None of my plans are really short term like:
"learn 5 new things in environmental science" or
"understand the religion of islam better."
I'll probably learn those along the way anyway.
Most of my plans or goals are long term and take certain thing to reach them.

To fullfill my plans for japan,
I already want to speak fluent japanese and I am getting there pretty fast.
Plus I'll need to figure out how much a certain amount of currency tranlates to ours.
My reading skills and other things will need to be worked on.

As the baker thing, one: I need to learn how to bake.
and I'm not sure what else I'll need.
Thats about it.

`2nd Quarter~

I am looking forward to better grades and better things from every class.
To continue a tight friendship with all of my friends.
I still want to try changing my attitude towards school itself.
I also wish and look forward to better projets and fun memories.

Well I'd couldn't find one that fit me well.
I was trying o find some anime girl wit a fake smile on her face.
I would've chose that because it's actually very rare to see me smile for real.
But smiling so others won't worry.
Just keeping up the same image everyday.
Maybe  Tree would be a nice symbol also.
Being still and shading the passerby.

`Ups and Downs of 1st Qtr~

The ups and downs:

Many ups. It was very fun and entertaining.
The projects were alright though I'd rather learn things
NOT project based for a bit. I don't feel like I'm learning much at all.

Alot of downs as well.
The quarter was rough and unorganized.
I didn't like the grades I got.
I felt like I haven't reached my goals at all.
I feel like I lost alot.
And I hope I'll  get the opportunity  next year to try.

Loving Yourself For Who You Are...


It's always good to love yourself.
To always have confidence in yourself in all you do.

But, what if you hate yourself?
You hate what you've become..
You hate the way you act, you hate your attitude towards things?
The normal answer would be to change right?
Well, what if your afraid of change?
Like you fear if you change you'll be alone, and loneliness is your worst fear?
Technically someone like this is what you call a leech?
Always relying on others, because you dont know what to do with yourself.
A leech may not be so bad when you think about it but it's someone who thinks they dont deserve what non-leeches deserve.
A leech like myself, wants but knows I don't deserve to get.
oh well maybe im over thinking it but now if i do think about that,
that just might be another flaw driving me to hate myself.

But changing is a bigger problem.
in my life, every time something changed..
it was always for the worst.
nothing good comes out of changing.
it always ends up with someone sad, or with someone mad, or lonely.
Ahh loneliness, the worst of my fears.
i never want to be alone, i wouldn't know what to do.

so the political thing is of course to love yourself.
but what if someone is the same as me?
whats the correct answer?

`Having a Good Work Ethic~

Always be on time, (i suck at this)
Always try to do your best in every project with a generous amount of enthusiasm.
try to keep the positive attitude, while trying to keep a wel thought towards school itself.
producing the best quality work you can.
always ready for something new with a open mind.

DLP#3 Taking Responsibility

`To Take Responsibility~

Taking responsibility means to not blame others when you're to blame.
Always take the fall when something happens on your accord.
Like not being scared to face the consequences.
If something is your falt don't make up excuses, take the punishment and accept it.
Or if you did something wrong and no one knows, you should turn yourself in.
It's good to take responsibility for your actions.

`Accepting Quality Work From Self And Others~

To me this means I can't d assignments halfheartedly anymore.
I have to give each project and every assignment given my best.
Like it's all or nothing.
Everything from here on out should be neat and organized.

Quality is something that you know you did your best on.
Like it doesn't have to be the winning paper or anything like that.
It's not the best of the class but your given the best of your abilities.
Not trying to produce the top work of the class.
But producing the top work of your own.

Well that's my definition at least.

`Taking The Initiative~

To take the initiative means to act, like take the first step.
To like step up, and set your things straight.

A way I can take the initiative is in robotics, I could work more,
I'm always waiting for instructions, but maybe I should learn to work without being told and take the initiative.

Dictionary Definition:

an introductory act or step; leading action: to take the initiative in making friends.
readiness and ability in initiating action; enterprise: to lack initiative.
one's personal, responsible decision: to act on one's own initiative.

`Be Organized~

2Be Organized-

Okay well I have an academic goal.
It is to be more.. On time to class.
More alert and awake.

My fitness goal is to become more athletic.