`Ups and Downs of 1st Qtr~

The ups and downs:

Many ups. It was very fun and entertaining.
The projects were alright though I'd rather learn things
NOT project based for a bit. I don't feel like I'm learning much at all.

Alot of downs as well.
The quarter was rough and unorganized.
I didn't like the grades I got.
I felt like I haven't reached my goals at all.
I feel like I lost alot.
And I hope I'll  get the opportunity  next year to try.

Loving Yourself For Who You Are...


It's always good to love yourself.
To always have confidence in yourself in all you do.

But, what if you hate yourself?
You hate what you've become..
You hate the way you act, you hate your attitude towards things?
The normal answer would be to change right?
Well, what if your afraid of change?
Like you fear if you change you'll be alone, and loneliness is your worst fear?
Technically someone like this is what you call a leech?
Always relying on others, because you dont know what to do with yourself.
A leech may not be so bad when you think about it but it's someone who thinks they dont deserve what non-leeches deserve.
A leech like myself, wants but knows I don't deserve to get.
oh well maybe im over thinking it but now if i do think about that,
that just might be another flaw driving me to hate myself.

But changing is a bigger problem.
in my life, every time something changed..
it was always for the worst.
nothing good comes out of changing.
it always ends up with someone sad, or with someone mad, or lonely.
Ahh loneliness, the worst of my fears.
i never want to be alone, i wouldn't know what to do.

so the political thing is of course to love yourself.
but what if someone is the same as me?
whats the correct answer?

`Having a Good Work Ethic~

Always be on time, (i suck at this)
Always try to do your best in every project with a generous amount of enthusiasm.
try to keep the positive attitude, while trying to keep a wel thought towards school itself.
producing the best quality work you can.
always ready for something new with a open mind.

DLP#3 Taking Responsibility

`To Take Responsibility~

Taking responsibility means to not blame others when you're to blame.
Always take the fall when something happens on your accord.
Like not being scared to face the consequences.
If something is your falt don't make up excuses, take the punishment and accept it.
Or if you did something wrong and no one knows, you should turn yourself in.
It's good to take responsibility for your actions.

`Accepting Quality Work From Self And Others~

To me this means I can't d assignments halfheartedly anymore.
I have to give each project and every assignment given my best.
Like it's all or nothing.
Everything from here on out should be neat and organized.

Quality is something that you know you did your best on.
Like it doesn't have to be the winning paper or anything like that.
It's not the best of the class but your given the best of your abilities.
Not trying to produce the top work of the class.
But producing the top work of your own.

Well that's my definition at least.